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 Protection / Defense:

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PostSubject: Protection / Defense:   Fri Aug 13, 2010 8:20 pm

Protection / Defense:
Actually there is NOTHING you can do to stop a determined attacker, accept this and dont whine about it.
- Best advice from Top Players is:
Have a Well Defended City, 15,000 Archer Towers, some traps, abatis, logs and stones PLUS troops; about 100,000 - 150,000 Archers, some other foot troops, in each city with Gates Open.
This sort of defense really will make it difficult for nearly all but the most determined of players who have more troops than you do.
You still could be attacked and plundered but it take a huge amount of effort by Skilled Players to make it work.
With Gates Closed:
- 75,000 Archers can destroy your defenses.
- 95,000 Scouts can destroy your defenses.
- Once your defenses are wiped, its just a matter of repeated attacks to wipe you out.
- If you keep your Gates Closed, your Alliance members wont be able to help defend your city, expect to lose it
150K Archers - 15K Archer Towers - Gates Open, Embassy allowing Garrisoned troops; is your best Defense, and of course a GOOD Alliance who will send 200-400K troops if you are attacked.
* If your Gates are Closed, your Alliance cannot help you!
* Your best Defense is a terribly strong Offense!

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Protection / Defense:
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